About us

" Welcome to OKADA Lab. !! "

  Our aim is to develop innovative photovoltaic technologies on high-efficiency solar cells and materials. New semiconductor materials and new quantum nanostructures are exploited by crystal growth using molecular beam epitaxy to fabricate high-efficiency next-generation solar cells, such as multi-junction tandem solar cell and intermediate band solar cell.

 One of our targets is demonstrate the inter- mediate band solar cell, which enables to use photons with energies lower than the band gap energy of the absorber by optical absorption via an intermediate band, resulting in enhance of energy conversion efficiency. 3-dimensional quantum dot superlattice which consists of multi-stacked layers of self-organaized InAs
quantum dots is a promising absorber for intermediate band solar cell.

 Our research includes crystal growth, and structural, electrical, and optical evaluation of thin films and nanostructures, as well as fabrication processes and characterization of photovoltaic devices.

For prospective international students,
we accept graduate course applications.

¦ EE (Electinical and Electronic Engineering) course
¦ Advanced Interdiscipinary studies (Ph.D course only)
¦ GPES (Graduate program on Enviromental Sciences)(All courses are taught in English)